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Women's Active Self Protection.

Violence never catches someone totally by surprise.   Learn to be as ready as possible, as quickly as possible, with this physical and psychological re-training.

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Classes are EVERY month on 3rd Saturday
Class time:  9am-1pm  Cost: $50

Each month's topic will different!

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Kennedy Consulting’s "WASP" program (Women's Active Self Protection) is not  a martial arts class.

It’s not ego driven instructors teaching unrealistic and impractical techniques.


It's also not fluff.

So.....what is it?   
WASP is an effective group of methods designed to help you develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that you need in order to recognize the elements of a bad situation, be aware of the growing danger, and survive or avoid those situations entirely.


Come to our safe place and do dangerous things.

Cultivate and recapture your power. Gain the peace of mind you get from knowing, through and through, that you will keep yourself safe, inside and out.


We will challenge you, physically and emotionally, in a place where the only consequence will be your growth.


Come thrive.


No previous experience is needed.

If you have a pulse and the reason to be safe then you can do this.

New classes each month.


If you’re ready to level up or you just want to find out a little bit more, call or text us at (855) 528-7246.

Let's Work Together


Your Journey Starts Here.

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