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Team Torque

Lifelong Martial Artists with a  passion to motivate people to take that next step... and start feeling better.


What We Do... (formal version)

At Team Torque we teach Chi-Mu Toruku Jitsu.  It blends aspects of Chinese Kung-Fu, Japanese Ju-Jitsu,  Aiki-Jitsu, and Filipino Escrima as well as their derivatives like judo and aikido into an effective fighting system that is a "truly mixed martial art."

Skills for striking and kicking, throwing, grappling (ground fighting) and weapons are merged into a potent and efficient style.


Our students vary in age starting as young as five and spanning into their fifties and beyond.  Some have no experience with any type of sport or martial art before starting at Team Torque.  Others are already accomplished, high ranking  black belts in multiple disciplines.
One of our founding philosophies is that, "Everyone has something to learn, and everyone has something to teach."  In this spirit, our students work together to improve their skills as well as the skills of their classmates.
We also believe students need to "leave [their] ego at the door."


Some students are looking to improve their martial arts skills, some want to improve their conditioning and get into better shape.  Some students are looking for a boost in self-confidence while others simply want to be able to protect themselves.

All are welcome!

Who we are... (informal version)

Sensei Bill has always, always been an athlete.  From the age of 5, he's always belonged to a football, track, or wrestling team.  After Graduate school he was looking for a new outlet, to get the sports and team feel he found himself missing.  He began to love martial arts, and pursued it with the same dedication he had for all the other team sports he'd played.

He found great teachers, brought Ben and Mackenzie with him, and started to get an idea of the kind of place he'd like to train in. 

The place he'd like to build.

Fast forward to today and you get a dojo where the staff is always trying to improve, to help you get the competitive edge you need and the personal development that goes with it.  
It's a safe place to do dangerous things.  We call it The Dojo Fam.   Welcome to the family!

Bill, Ben, and Kenzie at a tournament together.

Meet the Fam


Go Dan Bill Kennedy

Also known as "Doc," The head instructor at Team Torque is a fifth degree (Go Dan) black belt (Master rank) in Jiu Jitsu and Chi-mu Toruku Jitsu, holds a black belt in Judo, and has over 35 years of martial arts training and self-defense training.  He is also a clinical psychologist with over 27 years of work in the field of sports psychology, forensic psychology, child & adolescent psychology, coaching and CBT.  (Doc's doctoral dissertation was on The Effects of Sports Involvement on the Social and Moral Development of Youth.) 
To visit Doc's psychology, consulting & self-protection page, 
click here.


Sensei Ben

Also known as "Big Ben" to the kids, Ben has 20+ years experience, his brown belt in Judo, and currently holds a black belts in Jiu-jitsu and a Sho Dan (2nd degree black belt) Chi-mu Toruku Jitsu.  If that weren't enough, he's TikTok famous for his self-defense videos (over a million followers and counting)!
Ben is very patient in teaching complex techniques, and excels at encouraging students to be the best the can possibly be. Ben teaches Women's Self Defense, MMA, adults and kids classes. Ben also holds private sessions by appointment in MMA, Jiu-Jitsu, Self-Defense, and Fitness, and has started a rope dart/meteor hammer class for students interested in branching out their weapons work. Click
here to go to his page!


Sensei Mackenzie

Sensei Mackenzie has world class skill and 20+ years of experience in Chi-mu Toruku Jitsu, Ju-Jitsu, Judo, Escrima, Grappling, MMA, & Self-Defense. This dynamo loves watching her opponents turn purple, so don't give her your back or try to jump scare her, her fists will fly!
Mackenzie was integral in developing our Self-Defense program and our Chi-Mu Toruku Jitsu form. She's back as often as possible to instruct, conduct W.A.S.P. trainings and CODE CLEAR trainings, and to keep us on our toes!

Our Team has grown :)
Jason Morris

Jason Morris

Our Hsing-i Chuan instructor Jason is one of our favorite people.  He's extremely talented and has a passion equal to ours for teaching women to reclaim their power and effectively defend themselves. You can catch him in the Dojo most Mondays teaching or helping out at one of our trainings.  He's good people :)

Liz Kennedy

Liz Kennedy

Co-Owner, Graphic Artist, Logistics, and Marketing

You might know Liz better as Mama Yaga's, and before Covid times she ran an entertainment business for 15 years.  Now she's found a new home at the Dojo running things behind the scenes and taking time to flip tires, hit heavy bags, and throw sharp things.

Sterling Henderson

Sterling Henderson

Sterling brings amazing street smarts, self-defense, and marketing & promoting talents to our group.  His favorites so far are meteor hammer, women's self defense instruction, and a mean right hook.  (Seriously, the reach on this guy!)

Let's Work Together

Nobody gets anywhere "all by themselves."

Sensei Bill, Ben & Mackenzie are our three original instructors, but Team Torque is supported, educated, and enriched by so many other people.   

Check out a few of our many contributors, instructors, lineage members, and friends.

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