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Ages 9-13

Individuals:  $20/ week or  $60/month
Families:       $30/week or $100/month


Tuesdays & Fridays @ 6 p.m. 

In a safe and positive atmosphere, Team Torque teaches the values of cooperation, self-discipline, self-control, and self-respect as well as respect for others and for life.

Self-confidence, control, and discipline are emphasized and instilled at this school and taught in such a way that they can stay with the student far beyond their martial arts training.

The end result is that we improve physical health and safety, mental health and overall confidence which translates to competence in all areas of our students lives, not just martial arts.

Respect, honor, dignity, cooperation, personal, and team growth are practiced and instilled regardless of age, skill, or social status.

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Note Pad

Please register yourself before registering your children.  This allows us to schedule and bill you as a family, and offer you  discounts and updates for the whole family at once!  

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