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When you need a little...more.

Author, Self-defense expert, speaker, and all-around decent human Randy King is returning to The Greater Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus area and he's teaching at our house!
Saturday November 12 & 13, 2022 10am-6pm
Workshop Title:  Realities of Violence


Guest Instructors

Seminars and Master Classes


As always, our ability to host is subject  to Covid-19 closures and quarantines.  In the meantime,  take a peek at past guests and events we've hosted! 


Donny Munce

Gary Goodridge

Donny Munce is a phenomenal striking coach.  Most notable to us is his long term affiliation with Gary Goodridge, which is how we got to know him, too!

His online presence is mostly on Facebook  but check out the video below.  He's *so* fast!!!

Gary is an amazing human, a good friend of the Dojo and a special friend of the Kennedy Family.  Check him out on UFC, ESPN, Sherdog, or just *google* him.  Seriously awesome human.

@garyhgoodridge on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook :)

Rory Miller

Randy King

Randy King is a self-defense trainer, podcaster, and all around connector and sage in the martial arts world.  We love his sense of humor and his quest for accurate information and practical training in self-defense work.

Check him out on Facebook, on YouTube, Instagram, and on his website,
You can also see him at Team Torque very, very soon!

Uncle Rory!  We love this guy.   Nevermind that he's famous the world over for his self-defense work and many books (see our Toolbox page!).  Nope, what's most important is how he plays, what he teaches, and that he'll come to tiny  little Wilmington, Ohio to do it!

Check out his work at or click the links on our Toolbox page for his many excellent books.

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