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We'll Sweep

You Off Your Feet.

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Effective, practical, martial arts training for you and  your family.

Welcome to our playground!

Team Torque teaches a mixed martial art style including (but never limited to) Ju-jitsu, Judo, Hsing-i Chuan, Escrima, Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do, Rope Dart, Meteor Hammer and weapons work.

We'll help you get the competitive edge you need and  the personal development that goes with it--because that matters, too.

We call it being a part of the "Dojo Fam."

Our founder, Dr. Bill Kennedy (Go Dan) has an extensive background in team collegiate sports and you can feel that in the atmosphere during classes, at tournaments, and in our drive to excel at what we love.

His doctorate in Clinical Psychology and his many years working with local law enforcement, criminals, victims, attorneys and self-defense experts from around the can feel that, too.  That means we especially understand all the varied reasons that bring people to a place where learning martial arts becomes a priority.

Team Torque is a safe place to do dangerous things.

Come play with us. 

 Welcome to the Dojo, Fam!

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