Learning how to calm the inner self through mixed martial arts

Therapeutic Martial Arts


Although martial arts are, in general, is beneficial for many individuals, it is especially beneficial with individuals with particular difficulties and disorders.  This is particularly true for individuals with developmental delays and disorders such as Asperger’s, Attention-Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, Depressive disorders, Anxiety disorders, Low self-esteem, and Anger disorders. 

Therapeutic Martial Arts are a specially designed therapeutic interactions and group psychotherapy focused around martial arts.  

The youth and adults who are involved in the dojo-based therapeutic martial arts programs are integrated with the mainstream Youth, Teen/Adult, and MMA classes in order to prevent stigmatizing and to allow for positive, prosocial interactions.  The dojo-based Therapeutic Martial Arts classes meet twice per week for one or two hours per class, depending on the age of the student. 

The School-Based Therapeutic Martial Arts Program was introduced in a local middle school and targets at risk youth will referred to the program by the teachers or school counselors. The program meets during a non-academic period during the school day and is designed specifically to address issues that detract from the youth academic and social functioning through the application of the aforementioned principles. This program meets up to four times per week. It typically runs for a quarter.

An adjunct to this is individual and/or family psychotherapy and coaching provided by Kennedy Consulting to the individuals and families involved in the TMA program.  This allows for seamless wrap-around services to be provided to the individuals who otherwise may not have access or interest in treatment.

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