Yeah, You're Gonna Want These.


New Student?  Current Student?  Parent of a student?  

Here are some things we're going to be talking about and using as you become a member of the Team Torque Family...


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If you are an adult student or the parent of a new student, here's what you need to download and read before attending your first class.

Please bring a signed copy for us, we'll need to have it before you can participate!

Parents and Adult Students will want to contact their Sensei for the password to this page, where they can then download our Official Team Torque Manual. 
Welcome to the Team!


Whether you've been a long time student or you're about to enter our dojo for the first time, here are some things you need to remember and do to make sure we inhabit a place of safety and respect.

Many people have difficulty telling people "no."  Sometimes they believe that they are clear but what they are actually saying is "if its ok with you, then, no."  


Here is a short clip from Gavin de Becker giving an example of what "no" really sounds like when someone is being hounded and they are not interested in being in a relationship.

If you're an administrator or member of a Grant or Foundation, or even a layperson who wants to sponsor us, you're going to need to know your money is going to the right place.   Here's a program overview for the Non-Profit part of our Program here at Team Torque.  Our Program's Executive Director, Dr. William Kennedy, is also available to answer any other questions you might have.  Contact him by email @DOC@TEAMTORQUEMMA.COM , Phone 937-902-8857, or fax 937-383-0156.