Teaching women how to become more aware and feel safe through martial art and self defense.

Women's Self-Protection


The Women's Self-Protection class taught at Team Torque Martial Arts incorporates both the physical and psychological aspects of women’s self-defense in a thorough, unique, effective and affordable course. 


Student/teacher ratios in the WSP class range from between 1:1 to 4:1.  The training involves 8 classes of 2 hours each that take place over 8 weeks.  This ensures that the skills are learned, the participants are comfortable with the skills that they have learned, and the skills are remembered if and when they are needed. 

The Training is a revolving curriculum--you can start ANY TIME.


Training includes:

  • Detecting threats and reading body cues

  • How to verbally de-escalate a situation

  • Mental preparation for protecting one’s self and their wards

  • Effective techniques for physically protecting oneself against a threat

  • How to deal with emotional fallout from an altercation 

Scenarios include, stranger, acquaintance, and family/domestic aggression. The training cycle repeats every 8 weeks, so students can enter, leave, and reenter the training at any point.

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Because Everyone Has A "Dick" In Their Lives.

  • "I don't have time for self-defense class right now."

    What, you have time to get mugged?  Who's going to take care of your kids when you're in the hospital?  Or therapy? Or dead?

  • "I don't have the money for that."

    Are you a smoker?  How much do you spend on coffee?  The cost of saving your life breaks down to about $4 a day...Probably what you spend on a soda and candy bar on your way to work. 
    Can you afford *not* to?  


  • "I carry a gun, I don't need unarmed self defense training."

    How quickly can  you get to your gun?   How often do you practice drawing it?  Do you really carry it *everywhere* you go? Can you reach your gun if someone's sitting on your chest?

  • "It won't happen to me."

    Your chances of being killed in a car accident are only 1 in 113, or 1 in 606 if you're not the driver, so why wear your seatbelt?   ​
    For every 3 women you know, one has been sexually and/or physically assaulted.  The odds are just not in your favor.  
    We can fix that.

  • "I don't want to get hurt."

    This is the best place to learn how to work with the body you have, not the one you're planning to get after you ________(lose weight, hit the gym, get surgery, etc.)  This is not where all the pretty, physically fit people go to show off their bodies.  
    This is where we help you learn how *not* to damage yourself while damaging your attacker.
    This is where we teach you how to live through an assault, and make it to the workouts and beach vacations you are planning.  
    And how to make it back home to your kids.


  • "I don't think I could hurt someone."

    This is why you come to a Doctor of Psychology to learn physical safety and self-protection.  We are experts at helping you find your own personal motivation, so that you will not hesitate to protect yourself and your loved ones when the time comes.
    Practicing this, in a controlled environment where someone you can trust with your mental health is monitoring the situation, is an excellent and safe way to get past the adrenaline dumps and cognitive barriers that "freeze" you in a crisis.

Basically?  Your argument is invalid.  Come get safe.