"We strive to be the fire that softens, the water that hardens, the wind that directs, and the ground that supports our students as they build, strengthen, display, and refine their courage, power, and character." 


--Dr. William Kennedy, Go Dan, Team Torque MMA

Therapeutic mixed martial arts

Although martial arts are, in general, beneficial for many individuals, it is especially beneficial with individuals with particular difficulties and disorders...

Team Torque MMA information page
General Info

There are several classes that are currently being taught at Team Torque, two children’s classes, a teen/adult class, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) class, a Women’s Self-Defense (WSD) class, dojo-based Therapeutic Martial Arts, and school-based Therapeutic Martial Arts.

Comprehensive Women's Self Defense classes

The Women's Self Defense (WSD) class taught at Team Torque Martial arts incorporates both the physical and psychological aspects of women’s self-defense in this thorough, unique and effective course....

Traditional Mixed Martial Arts Classes

In order to improve the quality of teaching and skill development, our traditional MMA classes are typically divided into three age groups;  children 5-8 yrs. old, 9-13 yrs. old, and teens 14 yrs.-adults.

In varying degrees standup, throws, and groundfighting skills are all incorporated, along with weapons such as knives and fighting sticks.....



Looking for a fun, eductational presentation for your next OSHA workplace safety seminar?  
Our Workplace Violence Prevention program covers verbal and nonverbal cues to watch for in order to help catch violence in the workplace before it escalates, how to de-escalate potentially violent situations, and how to defend yourself and your co-workers should physical violence occur...

Advanced Mixed Martial Arts classes

This Mixed Martial Arts class accepts youth and adults 15 and above. The training focuses on teaching martial arts skills associated with the sport of MMA. 

Student/teacher ratios range between 2:1 and 5:1. Like boxing clubs in more urban areas, one of the benefits to having MMA classes is that it can provide an outlet for youth and young adults who may otherwise become engaged in delinquent behaviors. 

The MMA class meets two times a week for an hour and a half each class. 

Seminars and Workshops

We love to play!  And, we love to bring people together that also love to play, learn, grow, bleed, and all kinds of other fun stuff.  Check out what workshops and seminars we have coming up in the future.  This link also allows you to get registered for any of our upcoming workshops and seminars.