A Team Torque student practicing her martial arts skills on one of the instuctors

Traditional MMA


At Team Torque we teach Chi-Mu Toruku Jitsu.  It blends aspects of Chinese kung-fu, Japanese ju-jitsu,  aiki-jitsu, and Filipino escrima as well as their derivatives like judo and aikido into an effective fighting system that is a "truly mixed martial art."

Skills for striking and kicking, throwing, grappling (ground fighting) and weapons are merged into a potent and efficient style.


We have students of both genders.  They vary in age starting as young as five and spanning into their fifties and beyond.  Some have no experience with any tiype of sport or martial art before starting at Team Torque, others are accomplished, high ranked, black belts in multiple disciplines.
Because one of our founding philosophies is that, "Everyone has something to learn, and everyone has something to teach," our students work together to improve their skills as well as the skills of their class brothers and sisters.

Another of our philosophies is that students need to "leave your ego at the door."

Some students are looking to improve their martial arts skills, some want to improve their conditioning and get into better shape; and some are looking for a boost in self-confidence while others simply want to be able to protect themselves.


Come join us!  Everyone is welcome.


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