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Grappling is a big part of our classes
Team Torque MMA Vision


Team Torque Martial Arts, Inc., or Team Torque, for short, is a Non-profit 501 (c ) (3) program that uses traditional martial arts principles, techniques, philosophies, and the social interactions and dynamics of groups and teams along with principles of eastern and western psychology in order to aid children, adolescents, adults, and families in optimizing their physical and mental health, and their social and moral development. 


These classes, trainings, and services are provided at nominal cost to individuals and 

families. In cases of need, where financial means are not available to the individual or 

family, some or all of the classes or trainings are provided at no charge.


Team Torque serves multiple populations and needs in the Greater Clinton County 

Community. Socially, it provides a prosocial environment for children teens, and adults 

to interact with others who have similar interests. This allows for positive peer pressure, support, and reinforcement.


This program also allows families to interact in a healthy and adaptive manner. Preventively, it reduces the likelihood of obesity, sedentary lifestyle choices, the perpetration of violence and aggression. It also reduces the likelihood of an individual being the victim of violence and aggression.

Emotionally, research supports that exercise in general, and martial arts, specifically, are effective methods of regulating, stress, anxiety, depression, and anger and producing positive emotional states.


Competence in a skill such as martial arts adds to positive self-image 

and positive self-esteem.

Moral reasoning and development can be enhanced by people engaging in both informal and formal sporting activities and by adhering to a strict code of conduct such as the one put forth by many traditional martial arts. 


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